Sunday, April 17, 2011

Food, Family, and Fun!

Travis has been begging for these green chili cheeseburgers. Since the weather is so nice, I decided we could try the recipe during the Camp family's annual pre-summer grill initiation. He wanted onion rings on the side, so we headed to our favorite recipe collection ( to hunt down the appropriate Bobby Flay burger recipe (one of the many green chili cheeseburger recipes by said chef...this is the one with "Green Chili Sauce and provolone cheese) and Guy Fieri onion ring recipe (Rajun Cajun Onion Rings). I changed up the seasoning for the burger itself and the flour for the onion rings...they were AWESOME!!! I don't want to brag (well, maybe a little), but the onion rings have been compared to Mojo's. They're not quite as crunchy, and MAYBE a tad bit more greasy (need to use hotter oil), but I think they'll come along nicely with a little practice. Caleb even wanted to give them a try...but had to settle for the pureed version (just the burger and the chili sauce pureed in the food pro with a little water). Caleb's version wasn't quite as appealing, visually (as you can see from the pic of the pureed version below), but he didn't seem to mind. Sarah took some pics, so you guys can enjoy the deliciousness along with us. Bon appetit!